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Sochi hotels

Sochi is a port on the Black Sea. It streches for 145 kilometres along the Black Sea Coast. Sochi was founded as the coastal fortress Aleksandria and started developing as a resort in 1909. Now it is one of the most famous resorts of Russia and a very beautiful city. The climate in town is really unique. The Sochi resort is the warmest region of the Black Sea. But Sochi is not only summer resort. It is a popular winter mountain-skiing resort as well.
4 stars
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Zhemchuzhina - 4

Zhemchuzhina Hotel, built in 1976 and reconstructed in 2001, is centrally located near the beach, close to the shopping area. Rooms offer view of the sea and mountains. Surrounding the hotel there is a park belt with exotic corners of subtropical verdure and rosary. The Winter and the Summer Theatres, the Circus are located near the hotel.

Radisson SAS Lazurnaya
4 stars
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Radisson SAS Lazurnaya - 4

Radisson SAS Lazurnaya Hotel is ideally located on a private beach on the Black Sea in the prime recreational and cultural district of Sochi. Administrative and shopping areas are close to the hotel. Sightseeing: Dendrarium, Akhun Mountain, Yew and Boxwood Grove.

3 stars
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Moskva - 3