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Smolensk hotels

Smolensk is one of the oldest Russian cities. It is mentioned in the annals in 863 for the first time. Smolensk is located on the both banks of the Dnepr river. It occupies a territory of 176 square kilometres and has a population of 356000. There are a lot of architectural monuments in Smolensk. The most outstanding of these is the Uspensky Cathedral. Smolensk was a cultural centre for a long time. There are Drama Theatre, Philharmonic Hall, Puppet Theatre, Historical Museum, Chamber Theatre, Art Gallery, Museum of Local Nature and Museum of Sculpture named after S.T.Konenkov in the city.
3 stars
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Rossia - 3

Rossiya Hotel opened in 1980 is located in the historical and business center of Smolensk. Sightseeing: The Kremlin, Uspensky Cathedral, Monument to the Heroes of the 1812th Patriotic War, Smolensky Linen Museum.

Phoenix (Motel)
2 stars
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Phoenix (Motel) - 2

The Phoenix Motel was built in 1970 and is geographically located on the main Minsk-Moscow highway about 15 km from the town center. Often referred as a "truck stop" this motel is in fact a very handy place for spending a night if you are planning to visit Smolensk. Phoenix motel is situated in the picturesque forest area. There 102 rooms including renovated, restaurant, banquette hall, bar, express cafe in the motel, At guest’ service: parking, conference-hall, fitness center, billiard, darts, table tennis.