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Nalchik hotels

Nalchik, a capital of Kabardino-Balkarii, is located on the Nalchik river in a watershed of the Terek river. In 1743 there was a village, a Nalchik fortress was built in 1822, in 1838 there was founded a military settlement attached to the fortress, in 1921 Nalchik was raised into the status of a town. The modern Nalchik with a population of 237100 is a diversified industrial, of tourism and mountaineering centre. The main places of interest are the Drama Theatre, the Musical Theatre, the Museum of Local Lore, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Nalchiksky Burial Ground (the 2nd part of the 2nd century B.C.), the Agubekovskaya Site (the beginning of the 3rd century B.C.), the Dolinskoye Settlement (2nd century B.C.), in the outskirts of Nalchik in the Dolinsk district there is a Balneal and Mountain Climatic Resort.
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Grand-Caucasus - 3

Hotel Grand Caucasus, built in 1960 and reconstructed in 1997, is located in 3.5 km. to the city centre, near Blue Lakes, Chegem Waterfalls, Central Park of Culture and Leisure. Airport - 8 km, in Mineralnye Vody - 125 km. Railway station - 4,5 km.